is a story driven NFT project

We combine story telling, history writing and community choice to decide the fate of the races. We are sure AOR:OMNIFRAME can be an awesome adventure and great investment. By obtaining an OMNIFRAME, your NFT will also can be used in AOR:RIVRLAND as a transportation and battle device.


Our NFTs are randomly generated images from handcrafted designs.

Politics and Economy

The three faction will decide the fate of the world. Each faction need orders to reach good result and prevail in the upcoming war. Resource allocation and unity of the faction is the main factor of the faction’s success.


We already have in-depth lore about the Age of Reign world, but it is just a lore. We need you to help us write the future of this world!

Sustained Utility

After the milestone reached, Age of Reign OMNIFRAME will held a grand war named Arc War to decide the outcome of this struggle. Then, the Mobile game will be released and our NFT holder will be able to play mobile game with their NFTs.


  1. By minting our NFT, you can name the Omniframe you own (with our moderation).
  2. Our NFT owners will be able to gain access to our Social Map-based game. These games will have real money prizes from percentage of our NFT sales and the royalty fee from NFT sales.
  3. Our NFT owners will have special advantage on our AOR:RIVRLAND. They can use their big mech on the new world and also a profit from stacking mechanism inside the AOR:RIVRLAND.
  4. Our NFT owners that is also a Social Map-based game players will be able to have their names included to the story for the AOR:RIVRLAND.
  5. Our NFT owners can participate in events which have plenty of rewards from our prize pool.


What kind of rarity Age of Reign has?

  1. 70% of our NFTs will be a Uncommon grade.
  2. 25% of our NFTs will be a Rare grade.
  3. 4% of our NFTs will be an Epic grade.
  4. 1% of our NFTs will be a Legendary grade.
  5. 5 piece of NFT will be a Godly grade.

Mint price, max supply, and when to mint?

Max supply of 3333.
Price and sale date are to be announced later.

Where is the roadmap?

We are sick of seeing unused roadmaps in the hope to gain trust and hype. Instead, we aim to under promise and overdeliver. Follow the story on our Stories, join our Discord and enjoy the ride, we have game that we are building, and plenty more to offer!



When they first came with their machine, humanity resist with everything they’ve got.
Because for Hengrans they need this world to be as cold as their old icy world.
No one knows how many have perished by the Hengrans. But one thing is certain,
the Hengrans won’t stop until the world become frozen solid.


When humanity try to resist the Hengrans, they already fought a losing war.
The resistance then try to take control of Hengran’s machine to understand
their technology. This comes with a price. They came to understand that
they can prolong their lifespan by sacrificing others, so they can fight the never-ending war.


Humanity always find a way to survive from the first dawn. And when they attacked by
the hengrans and betrayed by the remnants they go deep underground to find a place
to hide. Little they know after decades of hiding they stumble upon ancient technology
that enable them to control hengrans machine. This time we hide no more, this time we
fight back!


is p2e NFT online game

Sustainable tokenomics, own land, build empire, trading, collecting, socializing.
We allows players to purchase farming tools, in-game resources, lands, etc.
to grow their own empire and earn reward tokens.


Farming, city building, and profession

We have our own holy trinity profession, we have a world waiting to be conquered!


Supply and demand are the key. The game itself will provide itself with the movement and use-case, very efficiently.

World domination

Power struggle with real-life reward and utility is a recipe for DESTRUCTION.


We have arrived in the era of gaming is not only for entertainment, but also for profit.




Our Team